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As far as I am aware there are no general regulations about sleeping overnight in campervans in public spaces, but many towns have bye-laws prohibiting this and in many locations it is in any case unwise. There is always the possibility you may be asked to 'move on'. There are however locations which, from observation, seem suitable and accepted as overnight stops provided the usual caution is exercised :
These I have listed as 'unapproved stops'.

Occasionally pub/restaurants have sufficiently large car parks to accomodate a moderate sized motorhome overnight, and some proprietors are agreeable if asked in advance. If you intend to have a meal and drinks ask politely when you arrive, you may be pleasantly surprised. It is vital this concession is not abused as that would cancel the opportunity for other motorhome users and give the fraternity a bad name.

I have also included a file of 'unapproved stops'  Wild Camping in Great-Britain for which I cannot claim credit; the source is unknown and I should be happy to provide a Link rather than the file if the source can be made known to me! Information about overnight stops is also available at and : follow "Travel Info and Site Listings".