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I enjoy travelling throughout Europe to appreciate the scenery, history and culture of different areas. This includes an appreciation of the gastronomic traditions and I am fervently in favour of maintaining authentic and traditional regional variations in production methods, ingredients and cuisine. These pages are expressive of that enthusiasm and a wish to share places I have enjoyed visiting. Since I travel independently in a camping-car/motorhome many of the comments concern places to stop overnight which have what seem to me good gastronomic, cultural or scenic experiences within reasonable walking or cycling distance, or are easily accessible by public transport.

Some listed stops have photographs available which open in a new window, click on the 'Photo' link and after viewing close the window or use 'back button' on your browser to return to the listing. Photos are 800x600 or 640x480 resolution and scrolling may be necessary to view some photographs in full.

Costs for campsites (where shown and unless stated otherwise) are per night for two people and a motorhome (without electricity) in low or mid-season in the year stated in bold. Some entries have updates as a result of a subsequent visit. Where I have the information I have included a comment about whether any 'emptying point' is accessible for and useable by a campervan -- this means that it must be possible to position the vehicle near enough to the emptying facility for a side or underskirt discharge pipe to be used, and that the emptying point must be at ground level. Extension pipes or hoses may be required. Many sites have an emptying point for cassette toilets (often just a WC pan) but not for holding tanks.

I prefer to stay at Certificated sites in UK, inexpensive Municipal Campsites or free 'Aires' 'Sostas' and 'Stellplatz' abroad and as a result am willing to spend more on the enjoyment of genuinely good local produce and cuisine. Good local markets are a particular attraction for fresh produce. The eateries included on these pages reflect this choice and menu costs for recommended establishments may be higher than some people would choose. Where a menu price seemed to be about the mean for an area I have mentioned this as 'moderate price'. All costs where shown only relate to the year when I visited - shown in bold in brackets. Always check opening times if possible - I have on many occasions arrived at a good restaurant only to find that it is the regular day for closure or annual holiday. Except where stated I have visited or eaten at everywhere listed under 'Recommended'. Naturally all opinions and assessments included are solely my own, and this site has no connection with any establishment mentioned on these pages. The information about locations and facilities is believed correct at the stated time of my visit, but road patterns/numbers change and businesses close or move elsewhere: if you have visited a listed place and have factual corrections to make, these will be willingly incorporated into my text.

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