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BREISACH (Kaiserstuhl) 79206-D : Stellplatz, Josef-Bueb-Strasse

An amazing sight at most times of the year: around 35 motorhomes parked on an official parking area close to this pretty and popular town beside the Rhine. The MHs range from moderate sized coachbuilt models up to massive American RVs, but the stars for me were the converted public buses (Swiss mostly) which look beautiful. Turn off the S31 from J.64a of the North-South A5 into the town, continue through the main square and bear right at the far end (coach park is ahead) along a road below the upper town walls. The stellplatz is on the left c.200m. and you can’t really miss it. No facilities at the stellplatz but – paying DM2 - waste dump and fresh water ‘borne’ about another 200m. along the same road. When I visited it had been vandalised. [Photo]   [2001]

Amenities: lots of cafés and Gasthof in the lower town – shops – the Rhine.

Recommended: a walk up to and around the upper town –--

If you are longing for French cuisine a trip across the Rhine into France to eat at La Petite Palette in Neuf-Brisach, on a street off the main square (look for a bank on the corner with cash dispenser) –--

A tour around the Kaiserstuhl and a climb up the scenic ‘Weinstrasse’ at Oberrotweil --

If continuing south or north in Germany, fuel and restaurant at Autohaus Faller at Bad Krozingen-Hausen, Tunibergstrasse 2; tel. 07633-14057 – not in the town itself but just off the autobahn at J.64a in the direction of Breisach then immediately right at traffic lights, the fuel is fairly cheap and the food at the Gasthof behind is excellent in an ample German style. They also operate a repair garage and proved exceedingly helpful when my MH broke down. Watch out you don't block turning space for trucks when you park -- it's a magnet for them for lunch or as an overnight stop.

HILCHENBACH    NordRhein-Westfalia: Stellplatz

Listed in Reisemobil Bordatlas at 'Kraemers Park', but this doesn't really help. Coming east from Kreuztal on road 508 don't go into the old town, but continue to a set of traffic lights where there is a sign on the left 'Einkaufzentrum Gerber-Park' and turn left here. Turn right after about 200m. towards the shopping centre (Aldi) and up a track between trees on the right. A moderate sized gravel parking area [ photo ] which also contains recycling containers. Park away from them in case the rubbish-collection wagon arrives early morning. No facilities, but convenient night-halt close to a pretty town [ photo ] with some good places to eat. There is a first-class Chinese restaurant with buffet and a good ice-cream parlour.

KELHEIM    Bavaria : Stellplatz

Listed in the Reisemobil Bordatlas at the 'VolksFestplatz' beside the river Danube. Kelheim spans two waterways and the stellplatz is on the north bank of the Danube, not the Donau-Main Canal. If arriving from Regensburg and Bad Abbach on road no.16 to Kelheim, follow SP then turn left at the traffic lights SP 'Centrum' and continue over a river bridge before taking a right slip road and then left under the road which you have just left. Don't go over the second waterway! Then immediately right SP Volksfestplatz. I had to ask directions. If you go too far turn right round the roundabout on the south bank of the Danube and come back, but there isn't a slip road off and you will have to find somewhere to turn round. The stellplatz is beyond the public toilets which are in the middle of the huge parking area. Cost officially € 6/night by parking meter, but we didn't pay since a circus had just vacated the site and the meters were all covered up! Electricity bollard with coin meter for campervans and a waste dump at the far end of the parking area.

A delightful town south-west of Regensburg. We ate at 'Zum Schwan', an excellent gasthof at the far end of the town. Walk along the river bank towards the hill on which stands the extraordinary 'Befreiungshalle' and 'Zum Schwan' is about as far as you can get. Several riverboat companies do a variety of trips into the Danube gorge, a good timetable is available locally.

MAYSCHOSS  Ahr Valley 53508-D, Rheinland-Pfalz: Stellplatz

At Ahruferplatz, a vinophile's dream but really only a car park. The 'stellplatz' is officially below the station car park at the far (west) end of the village when arriving from the autobahn and is SP - turn left over the river at the 'Ahrbahn' sign then right in front of the station building. Sloping tarmac but many campervans locate on the flat area at the bottom left along the river bank. Payment DM7 but money may not always be collected. At busy times, notably during October Weinfest, MHs may also park overnight on the area to the right of the station building and above the official stellplatz. Don't park to the left of the station, which is for cars and coaches. Photo   [2001]

Plenty of eating and drinking opportunities: good Station Café. The Ahr Valley is noted for red wines, some of which are rather soft and flabby by Burgundian standards, but some are truly excellent. Oktoberfest 2nd – 4th weeks of October. Pick up a price list at the Weinkeller, decide what you are interested in and they are generous with tasting samples - you need some facility with German language.

We stopped here again for 3 nights in early June 2006, and can confirm it's as good as before but less crowded [photo]. This time the charge was €4.00/night and we did some of the walks which are waymarked on both sides of the valley. There is now a 'borne' sanistation at the lamp-post just to the left of the entrance to the station itself, positioning a campervan is possible but not ideal. Fresh water € 1, the roller shutter which should prevent use of the toilet/grey water dump without payment has been nobbled by some irate German MH owner!

Recommended: excellent Gasthof 'Zur Saffenburg' on the main street, and the Station Restaurant which has really good food at reasonable prices -- co-operative Weinkeller opposite the stellpatz where at festival times the pace is frenetic, the restaurant above the Keller is good and reasonably priced but not the best food available -- excellent walking opportunities using the frequent trains [photo] : walk to Altenahr via the Church in Mayschoss and the vineyards on the north side of the valley, enjoy a glass of wine and a cake or ice-cream or perhaps lunch beside the river at Altenahr, and return on the flat beside the river - delightful! A local walking map helps take the right paths (there's a board with a map at the station but we'd have done better to buy one). At Altenahr the main street is full of noise and cars/motorbikes: the café at the road junction is obviously popular but we preferred the quiet of the hotel terraces which overlook the river - walk along from the car parks or down between the hotels on the lower side of the street.

Try "Cossmann-Hehle"  'Spatburgunder Trocken' wine for a treat -- at the Gasthof Zur Saffenberg or from the Weingut located near the campsite which is SP from east end of the village.

NÖRDLINGEN    Bavaria : Stellplatz

Listed in the Reisemobil Bordatlas guide, at 'Parkplatz Kaiserweise', which is just off the ring road and well SP [photo]. If in doubt head for the Macdonalds, which is at the road junction adjacent to the stellplatz and just outside the 'Baldinger Tor'. Parking free and dump available. A lovely small town with encircling walls which you can walk around. There is a daily farmer's market inside the old market hall next to the delightful fountain in the centre of the pedestrian area [2006]

RIEGEL (Kaiserstuhl): Stellplatz

The listed stellplatz is at the ‘Riegeler Brauhaus’ and they are quite happy for you to stay there overnight, but it is on sloping tarmac under trees behind the Brauhaus offices. From J.59 of A5 take the first SP to Riegel but then instead of following the ‘Centrum’ sign go straight on and turn right at the canal bridge. You will see the brewery in front of you and the Brauhaus is just to the right of it on the left side of the road. Across the road from here on the right (just past fuel station) is a large flat public parking area part of which has play equipment placed on it, and it’s acceptable to stop here overnight as long as you don’t get in the way of skateboarding young people. I parked here along the side away from the canal, among other MHs and commercial vans. Riegel is an attractive town [Photo] and very close to the autobahn, so it’s ideal for an overnight stop to or from Switzerland. Remains of a Temple to Mithras at the opposite end of the village.  [2001]

Amenities: shops – ice-cream parlour – gasthof – Banks – fuel station – Brewery.

Recommended: the Riegeler Brauhaus which has the range of Riegel beers (‘Frischgebraut’ is lovely) and does excellent ‘flammekuchen’ as well as other south German fare.

Walk up the hill behind the brewery to the Kapelle, extensive views.

REICHELSHOFEN    Bavaria :   Stellplatz

'Brauerei-Gasthof Landwehrbrau' about 7km. north of Rothenburg o.d. Tauber and listed in the Reisemobil Bordatlas. Park to the right of the lock-up garages across the road from the Hotel. You are expected to eat in the Hotel or the Braustube. No facilities except in the hotel. This is a high-class hotel with private brewery attached, the food is excellent with prices to match, but a very warm welcome. The 'Stube' was shut in the evening when we stayed, it would be less expensive and more convivial than the hotel dining-room. Located at the crossroads in the village, easily the largest complex of buildings, you can't miss it. [2006]

ROTHENBURG ob der Tauber   Bavaria : Stellplatz

Listed in the Reisemobil Bordatlas guide at parkings 'P2' and 'P3', well SP and just off the southern by-pass road. The enclosed area to the right of the entrance appears preferable as it has the 'sanistation' with fresh water, dump grating and electricity. The area to the left is more of a car park. Parking by meter according to time. Fresh water € 1 for a generous 80 litres approx. Free to dump grey water and toilet waste. We didn't stay overnight but it's very popular. [2006]

Rothenburg is a 'must-see' town, an architectural gem and thronged with tourists of all nationalities (Italians and Japanese predominated when we visited). Walking round the walls is more peaceful and gives a lovely view of the way the town has developed [photo]. Check a guidebook for places to see: I'd recommend St.Jakobs-Kirche for stained-glass and altarpieces (two of them, one upstairs) and the Town Hall Tower [ photo ] if you don't suffer from vertigo or arthritis - it's a very steep climb and you pay at the top! Tourist Office under the clock has free internet connection, they ask that you limit your use to 15 minutes - plenty for topping up a mobile 'phone.

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